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Cancer Ride Vendors

Become a Vendor

Our Cancer Ride event have helped East Coast SXS ATVentures donate a little over $54,000 from our previous four events and we are setting a goal of $25,000 for our 2019 event! A portion of the pass proceeds and T-shirt sales, 100% of raffle proceeds, 100% of Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing proceeds, and 100% of the proceeds from "The Cure Zone" will all be donated to the American Cancer Society once again! Every dollar counts toward the cure! We need your help so be sure and save the date for the 2019 event! July 27th, 2019 will be the big day!

As a Sponsor...

As a sponsor, you will receive marketing access to 14,000 members on top of non-members we will reach through our targeted marketing campaign (90,000+) as well as many other worth-while benefits! These benefits will be an amazing opportunity for you to increase brand awareness and sales! The success of this event is dependent upon the product donation of businesses and we want your time and donation at our event to be a good financial opportunity!  We list our product sponsors on our website as well as promote you on our Social Media Accounts.  The ultimate benefit is knowing your involvement in this worthwhile event means so much to so many.  Together, we can help raise money for the cure!

Where will you see your brand

The following are the different marketing channels we will utilize to share your brand for a positive, maximum exposure for your marketing dollar!

  • Facebook boosted advertisements (30,000+ reach)
  • Our own public and closed group Facebook pages –currently a 14,000 reach
  • Instagram
  • Our website
  • Event Brite ticket platform
  • Froggy 95 Radio with one million listener fan base
  • UTV Magazine
  • Brapp Magazine
  • Rzr Krazy – 90,000+ reach
  • ATV Illustrated
  • Harrisburg Motorama
  • Fisher’s ATV World

Sponsorship Opportunities


fishers atv world logo

Fisher's ATV World

Brian K. Fisher

My name is Brian Fisher. I am the Host and Executive Producer at Fisher’s ATV World which is a national television show that has been in production and airing since October 2001 on networks such as Outdoor Channel, NBC Sports Network, Destination American and Pursuit Network. We recently produced a story on the 3rd Annual Cancer Benefit Ride with Bobbi Jo Steffey and her team at East Coast SXS ATVentures in May 2017.

The event was promoted and very well organized by Bobbi Jo and her incredible team. The reason we were there was because the East Coast SXS ATVentures club members bombarded us with emails and social posts asking us to be there. It was cool to see so many people pull together to get something like this done. We donated quite a few things to the event ourselves for the giveaways and hear our name mentioned many times throughout. We’ve put on an event for six years (Fisher’s ATV Reunion) in Patton, PA and know the time and energy involved in pulling off an event of this magnitude.

Bobbi Jo was very involved and patient with everyone throughout the entire event. It was well thought out as far as bringing the riders together for the prize drawings to promote the partners of the event. Sitting down to do an interview with Bobbi Jo, it was very apparent that she was not in this fo the money but rather helping to support a cause that is near and dear to her heart. She is a wonderful person who loves this sport and the people that ride. We saw and heard firsthand the interaction with other riders at the event and the appreciation for what she does.

The East Coast SXS ATVentures club are a bunch of first-class folks and we were honored to be there. Despite the weather, the ride/event was quite a success with a great turn out of riders and support to raise over $13,000 for this great cause!

Burning Rock Off-Road Park

Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

Dyane Corcoran, Event Coordinator

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobbi Jo Smith Steffey approximately 16 months ago by way of the East Coast Side by Side Facebook Group. This group was in the early formation stages and I followed its rapid rise to over 10,000 members. The content and effort put into keeping the group fresh and informative played a great part in this growth, but Bobbi’s dedication to the sport and personal involvement help push it to the top.

Bobbi brought her first group of visitors to Burning Rock in Fall of 2016 and has returned several times since. We were also thrilled to be selected as the location for the first EC Summer Slam event in June 2017. The Summer Slam was very well organized and an abundance of fun. Leading up to, and during, the event Bobbi maintained close communication with our management and staff to ensure everything went smoothly.

I highly recommend Bobbi and the East Coast Group for a sponsorship. Rarely do you find someone who is talented at both the big picture and at executing the small details but both are the true in this instance. Further, I can attest to the fact that your support and sponsorship will prove to be a wise investment. As you can see from her online presence she never fails to offer a thank you, photo op, or recognize those who make things happen.

Relay for Life

American Cancer Society

Jennifer A. Barron, Senior Community Development Manager

My name is Jen Barron and I am a Senior Community Development Manager with the American Cancer Society. As such, I am responsible for organizing a number of large scale fundraising activities and also working with individuals who hold fundraising events to benefit the American Cancer Society. It has been my privilege to work with Bobbi Jo Steffey on the East Coast SXS – Cancer Ride for the last two years.

Anyone who is involved in event organization will tell you that there are a lot of “moving parts” that need to be coordinated to make an event run smoothly and be successful. I can tell you that this event is run like a “well-oiled machine.” I know from experience that recruiting volunteer help can be tough. However, Bobbi Jo has a very dedicated group of volunteers who are all more than willing to pitch in wherever needed to make the event run seamlessly.

The event is heavily promoted through multiple media platforms including tv, newspaper and an exceptional presence on social media. Sponsors are also recognized through social media, signage at the event and frequent announcements during the event.

This past year’s weather was less than cooperative. Seriously, who ever heard of torrential rain and snow flurries the first week of May? However, that did not even put a damper on the turnout. The participants represented the great cross-section of demographics. Whether they were avid riders, weekend warriors or families of all ages looking for a fun day out, this event was a great fit.

If you are looking for a sponsorship opportunity that will make an impact and provide a great return on investment, then I would highly recommend contacting Bobbi Jo to find out how you can get involved!