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Drag Racing

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$100 Bounty Per Class

Drag Racing Competition - Win $100 and bragging rights.

Sign-ups at East Coast SxS Tent in Vendor Midway until 3:30 PM Saturday.
Driver's meeting 4:00 PM at the Drag Strip and competition to begin promptly thereafter.

East Coast SXS drag racing


The competition is between two competitors (that fall into the posted classes) in a "first to the finish" drag race.  This is a heads up competition.  The race will be conducted by event staff along with results and as of such, it is understood its a "best effort" and event staff decisions are final.
  • The race is single elimination - you win you continue - you lose you're done for that event.
  • Each competitor must identify their vehicle with their assigned number for identification.
  • Each competitor is required to wear a helmet.
  • Each competitor must wear seat belts if the vehicle is equipped with them.
  • Each competitor must remain in his marked lane to the end or will be disqualified.  If both competitors leave their lane during the same race, both are disqualified.
  • Each race will be initiated by the "starter" by a flag drop.
  • False starts as determined by the "starter" will be disqualified.  If both competitors move before the flag drop, the race will be re-run.
  • Finish line results will be determined by event staff.  Results will be final and non-negotiable.
  • There is a line defining the stage line -- this is the staging for the next pair of competitors to race. Once past this line you are committed.
  • After a pair of competitors pass the stage line -- they are set to race each other - if one of the competitors can’t start or has issues at the time they are called to compete - the other competitor wins by default.
  • In the event that there is an odd number of competitors for that round event staff will determine who gets the bye run. Your bye run must be run down the track the same as a normal race in order to advance.
  • Competitors will drive into the lanes as desired.  If in the event there are more competitors in a particular lane, event staff will select competitors lanes needed in order to complete the race.
  • When the competition eliminates all competitors but two, event staff will perform a coin toss for lane choice finals.
  • The “starter” is the event staffer that conducts the race and as such makes the last call on any ruling that will be final.
  • In the event that a class has 4 or fewer competitors, those competitors can be moved to other classes determined by event staff.



  • Stock Turbo / Modified Turbo
  • Stock 1000 / Modified 1000
  • Stock 900 / Modified 900
  • Stock 800 / Modified 800


  • Stock Turbo / Modified Turbo
  • Stock 1000cc / Modified 1000cc
  • Stock 601-999cc / Modified 601-999cc
  • Stock 0-600cc / Modified 0-600cc

Modified will be determined by any engine modifications - lifts & tires mods are still considered stock. Any engine related changes are considered Modified. Any power adders are considered modified.

Event staff reserves the right to classify a vehicle as Modified

Edits to these rules may follow up until the day before the drag racing event takes place.