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Summer Slam Testimonials

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Sandy Lake, PA


"2019 Summer Slam was our first visit to Mt. Ridge ATV Park. It was a wonderful time! I already bought tickets for next year and I am bringing more friends with me! The trails are great as well as the vendors and the people. It was just an overall good time!"

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Farmington, DE


"It was my first time to Summer Slam and it was well worth the 4 hr trip for one day. The trails were fantastic along with all the great people I met. I got to meet the Fisher's which was the main reason I attended. Was sad that Live Talk with Brian Fisher was rained out. Had a great time and now planning to attend the full event next year. East Coast SxS and the Fisher's are top-notch!   Anyone who missed 2019 summer slam should plan to attend 2020, you won't be disappointed!!"

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Parsons, WV


"East Coast SxS Summer Slam was a great time for my group. We enjoyed everything from the trail riding to the contests. The whole event was well thought out. It's a carnival-like atmosphere with everything you would need from food vendors, parts vendors, demo rides, and entertainment. Weather permitting this year the bands and Deal Or No Deal Game Show will go on and I can't wait to see them! I would definitely recommend East Coast SxS Summer Slam to a friend if they were on the fence about going!  It is well worth the money and time spent!  One FUN weekend! There is enough to do there that you could have a ball even if you did not own an ATV or SxS!"

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Camp Manion, Al Taqaddum, Iraq


"I planned my entire R&R around this event, and it was worth every moment. Met some great folks, good riding, and events. The selection of vendors and concessions was excellent... it took 43 hours and 6k miles to get to Mountain Ridge and my only complaint was it wasn't long enough!"

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Uniontown, PA


"First time at Summer Slam as well as first organized ride. We couldn’t have been more pleased or had more fun. Met a lot of great people, had some laughs and a great time. Staff was extremely accommodating and very friendly. Special thanks to Bobbi Jo for making us feel like we were a part of the East Coast SxS family. Looking forward to the 2020 Event!"  

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